Aaron Wilson


Strength and conditioning are an integral part of Aaron Wilson’s life. Not only because he likes to stay fit, but also because his life’s work involves helping people recover after injury or surgery.

Aaron has worked with a variety of patients in his tenure in Ashland, including a number of youth athletes from our surrounding bay area. He has rehabilitated and volunteered countless hours on practice fields, in gyms and the therapy office to help our kids recover from athletic injuries. He prides He prides himself on being up to date on the latest techniques to improve the lifestyles of Chequamegon Bay area residents with strength and conditioning, dry needling, therapeutic cupping among others. His knowledge of the intricacies of the body muscles and movements has made him one of the top choices for rehab in the Ashland area from shoulder injuries to implants to planter fasciitis

Originally from Alexandria Minnesota Aaron met his wife Stephanie while they were undergraduate at Macalester College in St. Paul. It isn’t all business for Aaron. In his spare time he coaches his daughter’s soccer team, likes to go boating, jogging, and gardening. His latest project involves learning what goes into making good egg laying chickens. His feathered friends now have their own little “house” in the backyard, safeguarded from the family dog and neighborhood fox.